tofoodesign 豆否
Yue LIU 刘悦
Xijing XU 徐溪婧

We combine design and food through questioning and sublimating food-related behaviors in different cultural contexts, in forms of objects or activities.

2022 Fortune Desserts 
2021 RISO.Edutainment
2020 Little Reunion
2019-20 Pasta tra Parentesi
2017-18 Wanderer
2016-18 TofuDrink

午夜干杯 MidnightToast
In this chinese-speaking podcast, we talk food culture, design and art. 

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Tofoodesign is a design duo founded in 2016 by Yue LIU and Xijing XU, in connection between Milan and Berlin.

They ponder over Western European and Eastern Asian food culture and look for cultural or emotional spark, which can be generated from the fusion of different traditions and sensibilities. They focus on all stories related with food: who makes the food? Where and how is the food made? How can food be part of the different lifestyles of everyone in a satisfying way? Where and how can the act of eating or drinking be rediscovered? How can this pleasure be shared with others in new ways?

They deconstruct and integrate these questions through multisensorial projects, try to give people new possible answers and reflections about food, new ways to think about the meaning of food in our lives. According to real contexts of contemporary society, They create special interactive environments with new forms of experience and emotional ways to bring people in connection with food and others.


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